Hi, I'm Gavin

I am a Software Development Engineer in Test that likes to solve problems, create solutions and innovate. You can take a look at what I've been working on recently below and feel free to contact me.


I am a trained Computer Scientist, ISTQB certified, full stack developer with a strong QA background and 5+ years of experience in the software development industry. I enjoy applying innovation, curiosity & end-to-end thinking to everything I do, be it application development, application testing, collaboration and even creating music. My approach to working with teams and clients, is to get a complete understanding of what is required and find the most effective way of bringing that to life. I thrive on solving problems and creating impactful solutions and my aim is to do this in any new opportunity I undertake.

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Cucumber for BDD: Is the juice worth the squeeze?

Cucumber for BDD: Is the juice worth the squeeze?

I like to think of Cucumber as a philosophy, much like Agile or even the MVC design pattern. And just like Agile or MVC, you get the best out of Cucumber when you execute its related processes as they are applicable to your team, product & project.

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